This inspiring documentary follows the heroic efforts of the Rescate Ambar volunteer Paramedics, a group that sacrifices sleep and safety to provide medical attention to the thousands of motor vehicle accidents that plague the Dominican Republic. Filmmaker Mark Bone embedded himself with the team for an honest look at people who face life and death every day. License the footage: Learn more about the film: Go behind-the-scenes on the blog: For more information on how you can help Rescate Ambar visit: Directed by: Mark Bone Cinematography by: Mark Bone, Matti Haapoja Edited by: Mark Bone Featuring: Rescate Ambar Paramedic & Emergency Response Team, Puerto Plata. Executive Producers: Franke Rodriguez, Jennifer Rodriguez, Richard Cureton, Luc Frappier Co-Producer: Jessica Gray, Jason Gray Story Editor: Matt Donne Post Production Supervisor: Brad Neweduk Post Production: Matrx Colorist: Clinton Humoth at Alter Ego Post Colour Producers: Jane Garrah, Cheyenne Bloomfield at Alter Ego Post Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer: Josh Brown Dialogue Editor: Matt Hearn Sound Editor: Nadya Hanlon Additional Editing: Matt Laughlin Trailer Editor: Mikaela Bodin Trailer Post Production Sound: Farm House Studios Drone Operators: Genesis Raye, Matti Haapoja Dominican Production Coordinator: Alejandro Gomez, Krissie Sullivan, Genesis Raye On-set Translators: Alejandro Gomez, Krissie Sullivan Post Production Translator: Alejandro Gomez. Val Mata, Rafael Estrella Production Company: Revolver Films Inc Nations are Fragile: Written & Composed by Tim Mann