Stephanie Ernst Scott is the proprietor of Gus’ Discount Tackle, a San Francisco fishing supply mainstay originally founded by her immigrant father Gus Ernst over 60 years ago. Although she’s never fished a day in her life, Stephanie is a legend in the Bay Area fishing community and has gained much love and respect from the local fishing scene. Gus’ Discount Tackle isn’t just a business, it’s a social space where regulars come in to swap stories, and beginners come for advice on the best lure to snag their first catch. When the pandemic hit, Gus’ was deemed an essential business and became a haven for customers seeking the outdoors as a welcomed escape. Whether your “Joe sixpack or Google Greg” Gus’ Bait and Tackle will make you feel at home. Director – Paul Overstrom DP – David Dominguez Sound Mixer – Addison Wolf Post Sound Mix – Jesse Kennedy Colorist – Jeff Tillotson Titles – Max Holland Produced – Upland Film Co. Equipment – Little Giant Lighting and Grip Shot on Kodak 7207