In 2029, an Animal Physic Crime Whisperer taps into animals’ minds to solve crimes while working under the umbrella of a taxpayer-money-hemorrhaging F.B.I. Pet Files Division. CAST Pipus the Wise – “Agent Persia” Kendra Uncut – “Agent Stix” Rose Luardo – “Agent Rose” Scott J. Ross – “Agent Murph” Yung Hurn – “Yung Hurn” Sadat Waddy – “Elon” Isa Rodriguez – “Cyberpunk Killer” “Sarge” Bohleman, Chris Wood, Betsy Oliphant, and Branden McLean – “Cops” Josh Alvarez – “SWAT Leader” Tony DiPatrizio, James Doolittle, Michael Parsell, Lena Parsell, Naeem Juwan – “SWAT Officers” Franklin the Pig – “Yako” (thanks to FairyTail Acres Rescue) Weed Chameleon – “Chameleon” Jamerson, Christian, Y, Nate Harris, & Shannon Sun-Higginson – “LAN Center Gamers” CREW Directed by Public Cinema Club (Pipus the Wise, Kendra Uncut & Scott J. Ross) Commissioned by Syfy Executive Producer – James Doolittle for All Ages Productions Producer – Shannon Sun-Higginson Assistant Director – Callum Hanlon Cinematographer – Ian Mosley-Duffy AC – Mike Toland Gaffer – Shane Moore Key Grip – Kevin Goff Production Designer – Adam Fergurson Prop Assist – Matt Reed Location Sound Mixer – Sean Hamilton Hair & Makeup – Emily Rothstein Intern – Dylan Majerus PA – Layla Mzrowoski POST Edit & Sound Design – Public Cinema Club Pet Files Title Sequence – Jimmy Simpson VFX & Motion Graphics – Harvey Benschoter & Scott J. Ross Sound Mix – Timothy Day Color – David Bauer Camera & Lighting by Expressway Cinema Rentals Animal Casting by Dognerd Casting Thanks to Jeff Barlow, Klip Collective, Nu Millenium and Localhost for locations in Philadelphia