www.terracollage.com http://on.fb.me/1GYL78K The second episode of my essay series is all about macro cinematography – a whole new world of motion pictures in huge reproduction scales. The idea of this piece was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe, which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water. The universe itself needed to appear as a well defined, glowing and shining phenomenon which reminds the viewer of a look through a telescope. The atmosphere full of stars, planets, clouds and fog emerges from huge colorful streams, forming balls and bubbles. Their surfaces reflect the background pattern, giving the objects quite a three-dimensional look and feel. The space expands more and more into the depth, until upcoming star bursts make the whole system collapse. The illusion decomposes to a dark splash of substances and disappears as fast as it came up. The areas you can see in this short film are only a few square centimeters in size, often less than a coin. The streams and interactions of fluids are not visible to the naked eye and have to be caught with a 1:1 macro lens and some very bright led lights. It took me about 70 hours of shooting, trying and failing until I was able to capture pictures with an organic, non-generated character, establishing a truly reliable cosmos. The footage has only been edited, speedramped and color corrected, no composing or CGI. I hope you enjoy it. This video is entirely shot in 4K and then downscaled or cropped. There are a lot of sub-frequencies in the mixdown, so this is best viewed with your headphones on! Gear: Panasonic GH4 Canon FD 100 mm Macro Canon FD 50 mm Macro Canon FD 35 mm Canon FD 50 mm Metabones Speedbooster Edelkrone Slider Plus Pro Edelkrone Action Module Manfrotto 535MPRO Manfrotto 504HD Manfrotto 701HDV 2 LED Light Panels If you would like to read more about the topic of experimental cinematography, just visit my new blog or follow me on facebook. I am going to upload a lot of information, pictures and videos on a regular base. Terracollage.com presents and discusses the evolution of experimental film with fresh content on a regular base and detailed insights into organic FX and its methods. It is dedicated to all people creating new visual forms in uncommon and creative ways without any CGI. www.terracollage.com http://on.fb.me/1GXm57d