When A.I. starts cancelling humans. 〓〓Play it fullscreen and loud〓〓 Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh (IG: @saman_kesh) Justin Daashuur Hopkins (IG:@justindaashuurhopkins) Music by Makeup & Vanity Set. https://bit.ly/3hUKYrh Mastering by Paul Cousins. Visual FX & Graphics: Alan Mykitta. Producer: David Hemphill. Cast: Jeff – Chris Candy. Cinematography: Jason Tippet. Label: Data Airlines. Executive Producer: Transfuges. Special Thanks: Aja Daashuur. Jean Guo. Lillith Guo. Yoshino. Natasha Waisfeld. Kalle (P) Makeup & Vanity Set, Data Airlines 2020 © Data Airlines / Transfuges / AlterK 2020 Algorithm is featuring on the album Endless Destiny (DATA093) available on digital, 12" and audio cassette via Data Airlines.