We The Bathers takes the viewer on an arresting and intimate journey around the world through a disparate and beautiful series of biographical vignettes. It invites us to step quietly into the interior lives of a group of people to listen to their private ruminations, testimonies and personal revelations. Director Phoebe Arnstein’s authentic and sensitive eye asks the viewer to consider how our bathing rituals might be shaped by our identities, and intends to show how water can unlock something powerful in us all. Water is life. vimeo.com/lushtvonline Viewers are advised that We the Bathers joins people in their most private moments and therefore contains scenes of a sensitive nature and are partial to full nudity. Directed by Phoebe Arnstein Produced by Annex films Commissioned by Lush CREW Director Phoebe Arnstein 
Producer Basil Stephens Associate Producers Danielle Smith-Rewse & Natasha Jarvis
 Field Producers Takane Oura, Tabs Breese & Andrea Gambadoro 
Executive Producer Jack Constatine
 Executive Producer Support & PR Hannah Johnston-Cree
 Creative Leads Tom Griffiths & David Eveleigh-Evans Creative Alek Lewin Producer Vaia Ikonomou

 Cinematographer Amelia Hazlerigg
 Sound Recordists James Smith-Rewse, Mamoru Kawaji & Max McNeilly 
 Editor James Smith-Rewse
 Colourist Tim Smith @ Cheat
 Composer Richard Atkinson @ Mcasso 
Audio Post Production Tom Martin @ Mcasso
 Titles Erik Hedman #wethebathers #lushcommunity #lushcosmetics