In the old Jewish cemetery in the city of Safed, people come from afar to pray on the graves of rabbis from the golden age of Kabbalah in the 16th century, sometimes with hope to find redemption to their life problems. This animated short is a combination of 2D animation with documentary footage and sound, and is based loosely on real characters. – Festivals so far: -DC independent Film Festival- Winner- best animation -Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival – Winner, Best Animation + Honorable Mention by the ‘Critics Forum’ -Black Warrior, Alabama – Winner- best experimentaldance Official Selection: -Annecy, France -Zagreb Animfest, Croatia -ITFS Stuttgart -Animayo, Gran Canaria -VOID, Denmark -Washington Jewish Film Festival, US -Supertoon, Croatia -Athens Animfest, Greace -International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival, Turkey -ASIF, Israel Fide, France -Haifa Film festival, Israel -Balkanima, Serbia -Deptford Cinema Film Festival, United Kingdom Cortisconi International Film Festival, Italy -ANNY: Animation Nights New York, United States -International Film Festival of Larissa, Greece -CRASH, Brazil -Chillemonos, Chile -Anibar, Kosovo -Doc Sunback, Kansas -Imaginarium Comic Con Film Festival – Michigan , Indiana -Swindon Independent Film Festival, UK -Finalist- Canton Film Festival, US – Finalist -Festival de Cine Independiente de Sogamoso,Colombia — Written, Directed and Animated by Yael Reisfeld Produced with the financial aid of Docuvillage Multicultural Center for Documentary Projects (R.S) Sound Design – Ilan Admon Music- Yaniv Ben Mashiach – Kabalat Ol Malchut Shamaim As Above so Below – Severance Prologue Ido Segal (PUNXLINE) – Trance Offthesky- Hall Inside Mirrors ( Given Willingly- The virginal concept Lecture excerpt – Rabbi Ytchak Cohen Photography – Omer Sehayek, Yael Reisfeld Additional color and in between- Omer Sharon, Shira Seri Levi 3D elements – Hadas Cohen, Alexander Komendant Drone Photography – Danni Tzchori, Gal Hochberg