We all get lost in patterns, for some of us they can be totally consuming. I wanted to make a film about the feeling of being totally consumed by one thought. A thought that endlessly repeats, that spirals out of control until there‚Äôs nothing of you left. The light effect technique reflects this repetition, it is one singular beam duplicated and then stacked back in time. The light itself is real, no CGI was used in its creation. All the effects are captured in camera. The film was shot on 16mm on the Kimmeridge Ledges of the Jurassic coast in England. A huge thank you to all that made it possible. press: Director’s Library – https://bit.ly/3fGJt4L Shots – https://bit.ly/3C7szDN cast: Joshua Harriette crew: Director – Tom Wakeling Director of Photography – Nick Morris 1st Assistant Director – Luke Wilkinson 1st Assistant Camera – Phil Heron Camera Trainee – Daniel Llobera Runner – Philip Thomas Art Director – Devraj Joshi Music – Evan Gildersleeve Sound Design + Mix – Jack Hallett (Factory Studios) Audio Producer – Ethan Day (Factory Studios) Colourist – Jason Wallis (ETC) Colour Producer – Oscar Wendt (ETC) Scan Operator – Dan Redrup (Digital Orchard) special thanks: Panavision, Digital Orchard, 3D Champions, Factory Studios, ETC, Sorcha Bacon, Esteban Frost, Joan Solsona, Eimear Fitzsimons