Watch the ‘making of’ film: Order THE STROKE vinyl + hand drawn frames: A Film by Vincent de Boer The Stroke is a hand-drawn animation film that reverses the roles of audio and visuals for a music video. Improvised on its very first viewing, the music for The Stroke was the immediate response of the musicians to the artistic and emotional visual journey. The drawings of the film are used for the 10th vinyl release of Ill Considered. All 338 records come with 12 unique drawings: one second of the film. All 4056 drawings of the animation film are divided between 338 LP boxes. One of the 12 drawings serves as the cover; the remaining drawings can be seen in a bundle. This way, 338 people share an artwork that took Vincent and his collaborative partner Hans Schuttenbeld nearly 1,5 years of preparation and 9 months of drawing, including many long days and nights spent in Vincent’s isolated studio in the forest. The Stroke sprang from the urge for a creative exchange of artistic energies. Vincent has created all Ill Considered album covers in response to the music and when he changed the order of the process, new challenges and possibilities arose. The Stroke tells the story of a brush stroke: a trace of a movement performed by the artist with his instrument, the paint brush. As the only non-musician member of Ill Considered, Vincent invites both the viewer and the musicians into a realm of strokes while exploring whether an album cover can transform into a music video. This has led to a multi-sensory artwork that connects the musician with the audience and the artist. “It was almost a relief to finally see the animation Vincent had been working on for so long. We’d had a lot of anticipation for this day and you can hear the release of tension in all the takes. It was great to be able to try a few different approaches and they all seemed to work well with the visuals as Vincent is so attuned to what we do. Definitely a memorable experience.” In addition to the first take of the recording session, two extra improvised takes are included on the record; both very different and reacting to the film in unexpected ways. It is possible to view the film to all takes: simply play the record and the (muted) video at the same time. Full project info: Film production and direction by Vincent de Boer and Hans Schuttenbeld Emre Ramazanoglu on drums Idris Rahman on saxophone Satin Singh on percussion Liran Donin on bass 3D Animation by Jasper Hesseling Recorded at The Pool, London Engineered/mixed/mastered by Emre Ramazanoglu Realised with support from: Stimuleringsfonds (Creative Industries Fund NL) With help from: Danny Bones Pim Tieland Bram Broerse Marike Verbiest Johan Rijpma Nick van Steen Phae van Osta Roosmarijn ten Hoopen Guido de Boer Martijn van de Zuidwind Simon Lakos Julian Tjon Sack Kie Carlien Peijsel Ramon Goedvree Kapitaal Utrecht Libertas Pascal Le Guess Who Words of gratitude: Minem Sezgin Marta Wörner Dedicated to: Leon Brichard A Film by Vincent de Boer, 2020, All rights reserved ©. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance, sharing and broadcasting is prohibited.