a film by CINZA SYNOPSIS A rainy day in Pyongyang, North Korea. KOREA is part III of a project that explores areas marked by conflicts looking for a personal and contemplative look at its landscapes and people.(part I and II were featured on Nowness and Vimeo Staff Picks). Having the ultra-secretive North Korea as a subject imposed many obstacles whilst capturing the images due to restricted movements and constant supervision. Through these images and sounds, we look to evoke and shed light at the tense atmosphere of a country that looks displaced in time and space. Previous instalments in the Tur series: Doku-Tur (presented by Nowness) / Vimeo Staff Pick https://bit.ly/3cGOxCB Bosna-Tur (presented by Nowness) https://bit.ly/3oQopaz Photography: José Menezes Editing: Lucas Justiniano Original Soundtrack: Apeles Produced by: Thereza Menezes / Ana Gabriela S. Campos Sound Editing & Mixing: Jamute Post Production: Zumbi Post Color Grading: Henrique Reganatti Acknowledgement: Bo-Sung Seo, Gabriel Vieira de Mello, Patrícia Marins Vicky Justiniano