Warp Records present ‘Smokers Delight’ – a short film celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax’s seminal 1995 LP. ‘Smokers Delight’, Nightmares on Wax’s second album, was one of a handful of records to define a generation. It took George Evelyn from his electronic-genre-blending debut 1991’s ‘A Word of Science’ into releasing his much-loved downbeat blend of soul, hip-hop, dub and timeless club sounds, for which he has become renowned. Interviewed in Joe Muggs’ book Bass, Mids, Tops; NOW expands on his inspiration and headspace at the time of creating ‘Smokers Delight’: “It was all the things that turned me on: reggae, soul, and through sampling and digging, hip hop was the backbone. That’s why you’ve got the dub influences on there, and the lovers rock soulful influence in there. That album is the DNA of everything that turns me on musically. At the time people used to say to me, “You’ve definitely got a Nightmares sound,” I’d be like, “Really, what do you mean?” But where I am now today, I think I understand that from a vibrational and spiritual point of view. I’m more in tune with what my heart feels and what I’m connected to when I’m making music. I know when I’m in that zone.” https://bit.ly/33GYo6x Smokers Delight (The Film) An Agile Films production Cast: Jordan Stephens Theo Barklem-Biggs James Thackeray Corey Weekes Deepica Stephen Portia Williams Michelle McMahon Pierre Gorbanevsky Ewens Abid Abdul Salis Director: Jamie Whitby Producer: Scarlett Barclay DoP: Spike Morris Production Designer: David Hamilton Stylist: George Buxton Editors: Jack Williams Edward Cooper Sound designer: Seb Bruen Colourist: Alex Gregory Casting Director: Heather Basten CSA Animation and Titles: Chris Cornwell Makeup and Hair Artist: Natasha Lawes Executive Producers: Hayley Williams Myles Payne George Evelyn Kazim Rashid East End Studios