River is an audiovisual crafting brand. This Year we sponsored the Motion Plus Design for their sixth event in Paris. On this occasion we were asked to introduce our studio. But rather than deliver another showreel we decided to create a manifesto video where we could play with some funny storytelling through our different baselines. We used the showreel codes to create the same type of dynamic except that each shot was created for the film with various artistic directions. Anyway the intention was to create a demo tape with a somewhat atypical shape. Thank you for watching ! -Sept 2020- /////////////////////////////////////////// Agency : Studio River Script : Keyvan Nourian Motion designer artists : Keyvan Nourian,Pierrick Selva, Elie Nourian, Alexandre Scariot, Mathilde Sauterel Sound design and Compositing : Keyvan Nourian Green background filming : Ben Gonzalez Comediens : Maurine Tric, Pierrick Selva, Ben Gonzalez, Keyvan Nourian ///////////////////////////////////////////