Warehouse workers in Austin, Texas, work through the night to process newspapers for delivery before Christmas. In this impressionistic documentary, visual artists and film-makers Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan follow Eddie ‘Bear’ Lopez at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper printing warehouse where Lopez has worked for more than 20 years. Throughout his life Lopez has been collecting items he comes across – creating shrines at his home, in his vehicles and his work station. The film-makers join Lopez as he ventures out into the empty streets to deliver newspapers. ‘Gentrification destroyed the San Francisco I knew, Austin is next’ – film-maker Patrick Bresnan expands on why he and Ivete Lucas made this film about the routines of the city’s working class warehouse workers here: https://bit.ly/3qnGMqh Key credits Featuring: Eddie ‘Bear’ Lopez Directed by: Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan Produced by: Patrick Bresnan Co-producer: Dora Nedeczky Co-producer: Ike No Koi Associate Producer: Shakira Refos Director of Photography: Patrick Bresnan Editor: Ivete Lucas Executive Producers, Guardian Documentaries: Ekaterina Ochagavia and Jess Gormley Head of Documentaries: Lindsay Poulton A Guardian Documentary Length: 13 mins Source: The Guardian