An overcrowded ship with asylum seekers leaves Libya bound for Europe – triggering a high-stakes showdown between a Doctors Without Borders vessel wanting to escort it to safety and the Libyan Coast Guard fighting to turn it back. As the Libyans issue armed threats, tension grows below deck. With European countries’ responsibilities toward refugees once again in the spotlight, here is an inside view of the desperate hope that is the deadly race for Europe. Key credits: Director/Cinematographer: Ed Ou Editor/Story Producer: Will N. Miller Executive Producers: Ian Urbina and Raphaela Morais Music: William Ryan Fritch, The Outlaw Ocean Music Project and Soundstripe Colour/Sound Mix: Will N.Miller A film by The Outlaw Ocean Project, partially funded by the Pulitzer Centre For The Guardian Commissioning Editor, Seascape: Chris Michael Executive Producers, Documentaries: Jess Gormley and Ekaterina Ochagavia Head of Documentaries: Lindsay Poulton A Guardian documentary