Wandering through a desolate urban expanse, we follow a lonely figure grappling with his past successes and failures on a journey to find significance and rest. Filmed in New York, NY, USA Director & Cinematographer: Bram VanderMark Choreographer: Jonathan Fredrickson Featuring: Jamar Roberts Composer: Keyon Harrold Editor: Matt Carter Stylist: Christian Stroble 1st AC: Brooks Sproul 2nd AC: Chaoming Xue Sound Recording: Jake Bolles Sound Design: Christian Stropko Color: Jacob McKee Producer: Travis Hood PA / BTS Photographer: Daniel Emuna Special Thanks to Greenwood Cinema Rentals PRODUCED BY: Jacob Jonas The Company Executive Producer/Creative Director: Jacob Jonas Producers: Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Associate Producers: Joy Isabella Brown, Francisco Cruz, Steve Hackman, Emily Kikta, Rubberlegz, Anibal Sandoval, Mike Tyus, Peter Walker Fashion Director: Christian Stroble CO-PRESENTED BY: BAM, The Harris, The Soraya, Stanford Live, Stanford Global Studies