This is the third work in the “Mountains & Rivers” series. For me, mountains are huge creatures on a scale of billions of years, and with this work I want to present a fast-forward look at the changes in these mountains, not only in the form of growth, but also in the form of fractures and destruction. These movements are driven by different noise algorithms. Also this work is an exploration of how to achieve the rougher yet expressive brushstrokes, blooming and “Cun” – the brushstrokes used in traditional Chinese landscape painting to express the texture of mountains and rocks – through the renderer. Rendered in Octane Render. 是山水系列的的第三部作品。 对我来说,山峰是以亿万年为尺度的巨大生物,我希望通过这部作品来快进式地展示这些山体的变化,不仅仅是生长,还包括断裂和破坏。 这些运动都由不同的噪点算法驱动。 另外这部作品也是探索通过渲染器实现更加粗糙却富有表现力的笔触、晕染感和皴法——传统中国山水画中表现山石质感的笔法。 使用 Octane Render 渲染。