This is a continuation of the work Mountains & Rivers. I used various noise algorithms to generate mountains, clouds, mists, textures, and changes of the seasons. I’ve always been interested in how the laws of science, which are cold and rational, can be used to derive warm and sensual works. I know it’s been a tough year, and I hope this work will make you at least a little bit relaxed at the moment. Rendered in Octane Render. 这是《山水》作品的延续。我使用各类噪点算法生成了山川,云雾、肌理,以及四季的变化。 如何通过冰冷的理性科学定律来导出温暖、感性的作品,是我一直感兴趣的领域。 我知道今年很难过,希望这个作品能让你此刻至少有些许的放松。 使用Octane Render渲染。