The Poetic Reconstruction of a Cornish Gansey, from Sheep to Sea. The traditional Cornish Gansey is a uniform for fishermen and sailors dating back to the 18th Century. They are a link between our heritage industries, a feat of engineering, constructed mainly by women. It is a complex piece with considered features, technical for the time, made to keep our men and now women safe and warm during their long days at sea. This project documents the reconstruction of a Gansey. From sheep to sea; shearing, processing, dying, knitting and fishing, in an attempt to bring awareness to the work that goes into these revered pieces. Elevating transparency in supply chains, unveiling the hidden figures, the craftsmanship, shifting gender roles, the romance, heart and soul that runs through each and every jumper. It was a collaboration between so many, friends old and new, each contributing something incredibly special to the project. Thank you all: Written and Produced by Lauren Williams Film by Greg Dennis Photography by James Bowden Poem by Hannah Stocks Read by Sarah J Stephens Knitting by Dana Kellett Dying by Sarah Johnson Shearing by Matt Smith Wool processing by The Natural Fibre Company Fishermen Amy Isobel Rose Skipper Andrew Stephens on the Britannia IV Narration by Sarah J Stephens Music by Femmes de la Mer Gansey wool by Frangipani Wool Knitted swatches by Merryn Sumner, Norma Dale, Jenny Lake, Steph Wheeler, Maggie Weaver and Jan Gruitt