The first episode of the docuseries HOW TO HAVE SEX IN A PANDEMIC explores how the work of sex-positive HIV/AIDS activists in the 1980s inspired Queer New Yorkers to revive and reinvent safer sex practices during the early months of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Follow @sexinapandemic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new episodes and other updates. ******************************************* Directed by Michael Leibenluft Produced by Adam Baran and Michael Leibenluft Edited by Jessica Dunn Rovinelli and Michael Leibenluft Sound Design and Mixing Kenny Kusiak Composer Dane Terry Camera Operators Dana Bingham-Guanilo Auntie Bob Michael Leibenluft Featuring: Dr. Demetre Daskalakis Richard Berkowitz Auntie Bob Hunter Poole Photos of Michael Callen and Richard Berkowitz at demonstrations by Ellen B. Neipris