Short Documentary | USA | 2021 | 5 Min “It felt like stepping into a totally different world and I remember my first time going up on stage and literally shaking. I mean, I was dancing naked in front of strangers for the first time and I’d never been so vulnerable before. I loved it. I got really close with the other girl who worked there. They supported me and showed me that at the club those rules I learned growing up about being feminine meant being quiet and delicate and modest didn’t apply here. It was exhilarating.” Starring: Haley Rolland Director: Yago Hunt-Laudi Producer: Brigitte Bishop Executive Producer: Brett Kincaid Cinematographer: Patrick Golan 1st Asst Cam: Steven Almonte 2nd Asst Cam: Benjamin Swanson-Ralph Editor: Yago Hunt-Laudi Colorist: Josh Bohoskey | The Mill Art Director: Yago Hunt-Laudi Composer: Yehezkel Raz