Patagonia presents a Duct Tape Then Beer film. Force is the collected footage from 10 years of Mikey Schaefer’s climbs, summits and misadventures in Patagonia woven together into a story of success, fear, joy and growth. Previously shown at Patagonia retail stores and film festivals, we’re happy to share the full film with you online. Warning: Contains expletives. Directed by Fitz Cahall & Aidan Haley Executive Producers Jimmy Hopper Becca & Fitz Cahall Mikey Schaefer Original Score & Mix Amy Stolzenbach Written by Jen Altschul Editor Aidan Haley Visual Effects Kevi Louis-Johnson Cinematography Mikey Schaefer, Austin Siadak, Matt Van Biene, Dave Burdick, Cheyne Lempe, Aidan Haley, Jon Walsh, Jon Byers, Kate Rutherford, Julia Wakeling, Joel Kauffman, Josh Huckaby, Doug Shepherd, Zac West