Over 100,000 tonnes of plastic pollution is generated from chewing gum every year and yet, most people still don’t know that the gum they’re chewing on contains plastic. That’s right, conventional gum is made from petroleum-derived plastics which is what gives it that chewy texture and lets it last long. It’s non-biodegradable, toxic for animals and the environment, and 80-90% of it is not disposed of properly, floating in oceans or stuck to something, somewhere, waiting to be removed. A piece of gum seems inconsequential, but not if you consider the fact that every piece of plastic-based gum that’s ever been chewed STILL exists on the planet. Enter Milliways. With its natural ingredients and super-chewy, long-lasting chicle base, they’re biodegradable, good for you and the environment, and here to change things one piece of gum at a time. Client: Milliways Supernatural Gum Creative Director: Rosie Goddard Director: Talya Galasko DOP: Zenn van Zyl Producer: Karen Kloppers Production: Melanie Jullies Set PA : Bernard Akogu Creative Assistant: Alex Middlebrook Cam Assist/Data Wrangler : Gareth Wiese Gaffer: Tobie de Haas Sound: JL Russouw Art Director/stylist: Jade Scully Art Assistant: Junior Hensheu Medic: Gerda Gous Offline Editor: Joe de Ornelas @ Left Post production: Post Sound Composition: Thor Rixon