Now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, one of the few choices you still have left is Eff-Urself! A foolproof way to guarantee you’ll never need an abortion… which is actually eff-ed up. … Made for the National Network Of Abortion Funds, Eff-Urself is a parody product and film that satirically exposes the lack of choices Americans with a uterus have left for protecting their bodies and reproductive health. It speaks to the unjust manner in which wombs are being treated by politicians, and the absurd lengths people might have to go, to avoid getting pregnant in one of the riskiest times. … Eff-Urself is a non-solution to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. … Visit to find real solutions, or donate. Proceeds support people who desperately need help in states where abortion is illegal or nearly impossible to obtain. Share the #EffUrself film to spread the word. Credits: National Network of Abortion Funds Communications Director, Lindsay Rodriguez Senior Manager of Magor Gifts, Aziza Jones Design and Branding Manager, Lindsay Beane-Eyth Director of Donor Engagement, Kim Arena Women That Fight (WTF) Group Creative Director, Che-Na Stephenson Associate Creative Director (Writer), Hilary Smith Associate Creative Director (Art Director), Ellie Aliabadi Brand, Brittni Hutchins Production, Hilary Coate Production, Lexi Alaga Production, Jamie Zimmermann Legal, Tina Thorland Legal, Delores Martin The Corner Shop Director, Sindha Agha Founder / EP, Anna Hashmi Executive Producer / HOP, Jessica Miller Line Producer, Madeline Powers AD, Gail Shand Director of Photography, Andrew Truong Production Designer, Chelsea Oliver Wardrobe Stylist, Amanda Owen Casting Director, Jodi Sonnenberg Resource LA, Dana Balkin & Allie O’Brien Work Editorial Editor, Anne Perri Assistant Editor, Patrick Saxer Animator, Patrick Saxer Executive Producer, Alejandra Alarcon Head of Production, Chris Delarenal Company 3 Colorist, Sofie Borup Color Producer, Alexandra Lubrano Jane Co-founder & managing partner: Nancy Nina Hwang EP/Head of Sales, Jane Brockman Head of Production, Ben Sposato Executive Producer, Rich Rama Animator and Creative Director, Daniel Piwowarczyk Lead Flame Artist and Creative Director, David Parker Barking Owl Composer, Jacob Plasse Sound Designer, Mikayla Petersen Mix, Mikayla Petersen / Elizabeth McClanahan Creative Director / Co Founder, Kelly Bayett Senior Producer, KC Dossett Street Factory Media Executive Producer, Greta Omann Art Director, Ericka Wallis Kinky Kontrol Kevin Smith