no one knows me like the ocean. An observation into four friends who are each governed by a desire to convey their passion in the ocean. A distant memory shot over 4 days on the Coral Coast, Fiji. Featuring: Steph Gilmore, Mikey February, Alana Spencer & Kaito Ohashi. Director: Kai Neville DOP: Campbell Brown Producer: Jam Hassan Photographer: Chris Searl Creative Director: Matt Pike Account Director: Kieran Burke Line Producer: Oli Black 1st AC: Jani Hakli 2nd AC: Charlie Slessar Water Cinematography: Andy Gough Water Photographer: Alaa Spencer Drone Operator: Hayden Griffith Editor: Kai Neville Colourist: Fergus Rotherham Music Compostion: The M1 Sound Post-Production: Sonar Music Designer: Jye Kwong