MP and Jer are a couple of career pool cleaners who only care about two things in life: The perfect tan and the perfect girl. Shot on Digital Bolex Starring: Baby Darrington, MP Cunningham, Jer Jackson, and Luke Jackson. Featuring: Joey Gibson as Donnie, Camilla Granasen as Mrs. Karlstrom, Paris Gibson as Corinne, Charli French as Mrs. Finnegan, and Heidi Edwards as Minty. Directed by MP Cunningham Written by Jer Jackson & MP Cunningham Story by Luke Jackson, Jer Jackson, MP Cunningham Producer: Tim Rowberry Associate Producer: Courtney Webb DP: Roman Alaivi Colorist: AJ Molle Original Music by Christian Blunda and Ryan Oxford Audio Post Production by Ryan Oxford and AJ Molle Boom operator: Yan Mikhno Assistant Camera: Tenneson Smith 2nd Assistant: Cameron Jackson Production Assistant: Alex Zlochevsky Sound design: Daniel Petersen Agua Donkey Logo Design by Abbi Ammon Title Design by Liam Kaczmar Edited by MP Cunningham