L39I0N of Los Angeles – America’s first black-owned pro cycling team – is more than just a team; it’s a family. Metaphorically, and literally. In Tandem follows three sets of siblings as they train, dream, and navigate the imbalances that continue to characterize the sport. Directors – Chrris Lowe & Charles Frank Producer – Meliz Yilmaz Executive Producer – Andrew Hutcheson Head of Production – Alissa Feldbau Cinematographer – Leo Maco Editor – Austen Deery Music by Builder’s Tea, Salenta + Topu, Aaron Esposito, Tropic Colour Sound Mix by Keith White Colour by Jonny Tully @ Cheat 1st ACs – Duy Nguyen, Patrick Haley Sound Mixers – Richard Carlos, Bill Armstrong PAs – Preston Oliver, Ben Hogue Office PA – Grant Conversano Presented by Rapha Films In Association with Legion of Los Angeles Head of Documentary Film – Samual Craven