In a clearing amongst a forest of pines lives a lonely old man who struggles to keep himself warm, though help comes from an unexpected friend. Winter’s Blight is a stop motion short film made in Dunedin, New Zealand. Behind the Scenes – Written, Directed and Animated by Claire Campbell Produced by Jon Wilson – Shine on Films – Composer – Hanan Townshend – Sound Design – Hugh Harlow Voice Actor – Mark Neilson Director of Photography – Jon Wilson Production Design – Claire Campbell Set and props build – Claire Campbell, Autumn Eyles, Liam Dakin, Josh Hunter, John Wilson, Nathan Forbes Funded by – Short film Otago – Special thanks to – Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin City Council, NHNZ & everyone else who supported the making of this film. Awards: Winner Best Short Animation – Melbourne Film Festival 2021 Winner Best Stop Motion – Open World Animation Festival 2020 Winner Best Film Stop Motion, Best Story, Best Design – Animation Studio Festival 2019 Winner Festivals Pick – Yucca Valley Film Festival 2019 Winner Best Visual Design – Animation Feedback Festival 2020 2nd Place Award – Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2019