Hiplet: Because We Can, a SXSW 2020 Official Selection was created with the intention to inspire young Black women. This film brings the Chicago based Hiplet [hip-lay] Ballerinas centerstage. Hiplet™ fuses classical pointe technique with hip-hop and urban dance styles. Hiplet™ has blossomed immensely since it’s creation by Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant in the early 90s. With elements of a Short Film, Music Video and Documentary, this artistic work not only showcases the talent of the Hiplet Ballerinas, it also gives them a platform to discuss the challenges they have faced with giving traditional ballet a hip new twist. Director – Addison Wright Bio Addison Wright is a filmmaker and creative from the South Side of Chicago. He’s collaborated with several Chicago musicians, creating stunning visuals for their music videos. “Hiplet: Because We Can” is his first film that is an Official Selection of SXSW 2020. Directors like Spike Lee, Hype Williams and Spike Jonze inspired his passion for film. Addison is currently working on developing his first feature film. https://bit.ly/3pDeyWW