Featured on Booooooom : http://bit.ly/33RZfxM Featured on Mâché : http://bit.ly/2RrHsuK In a dingy community hall, a diverse group of people have gathered in search of an intangible and ethereal sense of meaning. As the leader Sheenah begins to sing, her voice casts a spell on her audience and creates a violent frenzy. With Alisia Pobega, Andrea Ward, Chad Erick Concepcion, Jérôme Simard, Holly Greco, Karl Abraham, Lola Ryan, Miranda Chan, Elizabeth Powell, Sheenah Ko, Brittney Canda, Nicolas Boivin, Roya The Destroya Directed by Vincent René-Lortie & Brittney Canda Produced by Samuel Caron Production company: Telescope Films Production manager: Félix Cayer Cinematographer: Alexandre Nour Choreographer: Brittney Canda Choreographic assistant : Susannah Haight 1st assistant director: Cassandre Émanuel 1st camera assistant: Kevin Gourvellec Steadicam operator: Benoît Gauthier Production designer: Geneviève Boiteau Art assistants: Sophie Valcourt & Mérédith Gonzales Make up artist: Carole Methot Gaffer: Pierre-Luc Jobin Key grip: Alain Tremblay Set photographer: Eve B-Lavoie Production assistant: Marc-André Thibault & Evangelos Desborough Music written and performed by Sheenah Ko With Navet Confit, Pascal Delaquis & Richard White Sound design: Nataq Huault Color grading: Simon Bøisx Editor: Vincent René-Lortie Graphic design: Simon Dubois Thanks to Cineground, Cinepool, Jeremiah Bullied, Nick Farah, Yasmine Amor, Guillaume Marin, Paroisse Saint-Arsène, Kyra Jean Green & Janelle Hacault