Episode 1 of 5 – The Commercial While trying to construct a machine capable of providing the world’s most accurate personality quiz, three computer engineers in a small garage in Silicon Valley accidentally stumble upon a full-fledged artificial intelligence that can read souls. The rise and fall of their company, the Mundi Corporation, is told over the course of five episodes. Episode One Synopsis: Daryl and Jonathan, two computer engineers, prepare for the launch of their product, a sentient machine that can read souls, by attempting to film a commercial. The machine proves difficult to work with, forcing them to find a compromise. http://bit.ly/2RSpU9U Winner of Best Comedy – Cinepocalypse (2019) Nominated Best Web Series – FilmQuest (2019) SXSW, Atlanta FF, Nashville FF, HollyShorts, Santa Barbara International FF, Cinequest, SeriesFest, Dances With Films, Chattanooga, deadCenter, GenreBlast, Sick ‘N’ Wrong, Cinepocalypse, FilmQuest (2019) Cast DeJean Brown Skinner Myers Clayton Farris Crew Directed by: Joel Jay Blacker Written by: Sam Roots Executive Producers: Joel Jay Blacker, Sam Roots Producer: Tanner Sawitz Director of Photography: Tanner Hall Production Design: Sam Neidenbach Editor: Joel Jay Blacker Color: Tanner Hall Score: Miller Wrenn Original Artwork: Aidan Terry First AD: Sam Shapson Script Supervisor: Grant Harvey Costume Design: Catalina Elgarrista Hair & Makeup: Jessica Lewis 1st AC: Connor Lambert Sound Mixer: Gabe Linkiewicz Sound Design: Daniel Woo Supervising Sound Editor: Shaun Yee VFX: Connor Lambert Stills Photographer: Carolina Rodriguez Production Assistants: Chelsea Chaput, Cambria Leach, Ijaaz Noohu, Carson Rick Made Possible by: Laurie Roots & Trevor Roots Special Thanks: Tyler Rochleau, Chris Hunter, Matthew Blake, Row Five LLC