DØGVVÅLKER controls the døgs that he vvålks using only his numb mind, and his døgs bend reality to please their vvålker. Created By – Vernon Chatman & lilfuchs Written By – Vernon Chatman Executive Producer – Dave Hughes & Vernon Chatman Producer – Danya Levine Directed By – lilfuchs & Vernon Chatman Voices and Music – Vernon Chatman Character Design – Terrence White & lilfuchs Background Design – Wesley McClain Composite – lilfuchs Sound Design – Paul Furedi & Brent Busby Floyd County Productions: Executive Producer – Jeff Fastner Supervising Producer – Mollie Brock Editor – Nate Ladd Edit Assist – Chris Keil Storyboard Director – Omaka Schultz Animation Director – Jason Barnes Lead Animator – Neil Dittbenner Animation R&D – Zhou Quan