DIRECTOR: LAKEITH STANFIELD DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: DAVID ROEMER / BASIL FAUCHER EDITED & ANIMATD BY RUFFMERCY PRODUCER: ALEXEY GALETSKIY PRODUCER: COLIN STARK PHOTO ASSISTANT: DAREN THOMAS DIGITAL TECH: TARA CHUMPELIK FASHION DIRECTOR: TERRY LU STYLIST ASSISTANT: AGELIKA POKOVBA HAIR STYLIST: SCOTT MCMAHAN CATERING: MONTERONE Lakeith Stanfield and Hrishikesh Hirway are MOORS Here they team up with the Tune-Yards to give you ‘MANGO’ Tune-Yards recently scored the film ‘SORRY TO BOTHER YOU’ starring Lakeith, here is some more info about the track…. CoolHunting > If “Mango” affirms anything, it’s that Lakeith Stanfield has mastered more than one craft. The track sees the acclaimed actor partnering with music producer HH (Hrishikesh Hirway), under the moniker MOORS, and the result is electrifying. tUnE-yArDs features on the song, amplifying the magnetism and underlining the strange magic of it all. Visual artist ruffmercy directed the video, which incorporates pop art visual manipulation that truly rounds out the experience—which tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus is quick to point out is, in fact, altogether weird. GQ > A still from the music video Mango by the Moors UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP And it’s as fun and weird as you’d imagine. For a couple of years now, Lakeith Stanfield, the unpredictable genius and star of Sorry to Bother You, has been making music with producer HH under the name MOORS. Experimental and dark, MOORS makes music that’s equally free-associative and confrontational—kind of like Stanfield himself. It’s why you need to check out the video for “Mango,” the latest track from MOORS, featuring another GQ favorite—tUnE-yArDs. The video for “Mango” features Stanfield dancing and rapping in a church as RUFFMERCY’s distinct animation is overlaid, giving the whole thing a very throwback, Keith Haring-esque vibe. Spin > Recent Sorry To Bother You star Lakeith Stanfield is part of a rap duo called Moors with musician and producer Hrishikesh Hirway, and today, the duo has returned with a new song. With backing music from Tune-Yards’ Merrill Garbus, “Mango” is a new collaborative single following both musicians’ contributions to the recent Boots Riley film. In a statement shared with the single, Garbus writes: “Lakeith came to our studio in Oakland twice to work on vocals. He had really specific ideas about the track, different characters he wanted to give voice to, and we worked together to keep amping up the weird. Times are weird. Lakeith is reflecting his universes and creating new ones — it’s fascinating and important and we’re grateful and lucky to be a part of amplifying his voice.”