Animated Shortfilm // 5:45 min // 2019 In an airplane, a surrounding where human error is not an option, flight attendants, decisively women are brought to embody flawless, authoritarian and at the same time highly empathic representants of human nature in order to create a fake-trust of comfort. If this fascade crumbles, especially in a life treatening situation, there is no space for hesitation or caution. In the shortfilm „Sincerely, Now Air“ a stewardess tries to bring a dying passenger back to life. Suddenly she has to deal with his death next to the requirements of her job. Hoping for a small withdrawl. Also the remaining passengers are thrown back to themselves weighing up over their little options for action. by Theresa Grysczok voice: Sofia Sheynkler music: Franziska Dürmeier sound: Eeva Ojanperä additional animation & setbuilding: Daniel Maaß compositing: Florian Maubach, Theresa Grysczok color grading: Mikola Debik instagram: @thegryla instagram: @stickyframes