After the outbreak of COVID-19 and the beginnings of global lockdown, we sent out a call to animators from around the world to send us a short animation depicting something they have experienced during the pandemic. Over 90 animators sent us their contributions, and this is the second film out of a series of three. While the first film takes us through the motivation to keep each other positive, this film shows the comical side to the roller-coaster ride of emotions, the weird things we end up doing and generally going a bit crazy… Press: Direction/Concept: Studio Desk Kathrin Steinbacher & Emily Downe Music & Sound Design By Phil Brookes Additional Animation/Direction: (Clips in order) 00:14-00:20  Animation: Olga Makarchuk 00:20-00:27  Animation & Sound: Klaas Verplancke (Art) & Arevik d’Or (Animation) 00:27- 00:30  Animation: Rohit Karandadi 00:30- 00:40  Animation & Sound Kamila Szewczuk 00:40- 00:54  Animation: Sam Lane Sound: Wolf Woodcock 00.54 – 01:02 Animation: Luke Frangeskou 01:03-01:10 Animation: Sanjana Chandrasekhar 01:10-01:19 Animation: Faustine Berhault 01:19-01:26 Animation & Sound Kamila Szewczuk 01:26-01:35 Animation: Tetiana Kurbatova 01:35-01:46 Animation: Charlotte Cambon Sound: Flavien Van Haezevelde, Studio BOOM 01:47-02:00 Animation & Sound: Julia Jesionek (vulva) 02:01-02:15 Animation: Capucine Gougelet 02:16-02:24  Animation & Sound: Anna Lena Spring 02:24-02:28 Animation: Katy Daft 02:29-02:43 Animation: Girls in Motion 02:43-02:50  Animation: Martha Halliday 02:50-02:53  Animation: Olive Lagace 02:53-03:05  Animation: Omar Zine Eddine El Idrissi 03:05-03:12  Animation: Chiara Sgatti 03:12-03:24  Animation: Anna Chwal 03:24-03:29 Animation: Emilia Voltti 03:29-03:45  Animation: Hana Tintor 03:45-03:55  Animation: Alara Kara 03:55-04:00  Animation: Daria Zadecka 04:00-04:07 Animation: Emmie Thompson 04:08-04:15  Animation: Sundeep Toor 04:15-04:26  Animation: Matti Vesanen 04:26-04:37 Animation: Zootghost Sound: Sam Perkin 04:37-04:50 Animation: Kathrin Steinbacher 04:50-05:99  Animation: Zohar Dvir