A free range rooster contemplates his death. Written, directed, animated by SETH A SMITH https://bit.ly/3HPRHA6 Starring: LENNART, STAR & STRIPE Script Editor: DARCY SPIDLE https://bit.ly/3r9elwH Associate Producer: NANCY URICH https://bit.ly/3zLZzjs Post Services: CONNECTIONS PRODUCTIONS https://bit.ly/3Fpa916 Thanks to: LYNN REIERSON Made with the support of the CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS https://bit.ly/3Gvij9a A CUT/OFF/TAIL PICTURE https://bit.ly/3HPRLjk …. Official selection of: TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FANTASTIC FEST CALGARY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FESTIVAL DE NOUVEAU CINÉMA