A couple years ago, Ian and I were in Oakland for a commercial and decided to shoot a short on our down day. Bloom is about defying odds and stereotypes. It’s through the cracks, that we can begin to see the light. Embody the grit your roots provided and find your own path to bloom. To my friend, Hassan Galedary. Thank you for your writing, your truth, and sharing a bit about your journey with me. It has been awesome to hear about where you started and how you have grown. Shout out to some of the other creative minds that helped make it happen – Producer: Alun Lee DP: Ian Rigby 1st AC: Allan Chavarria Camera Car: Ultimate Arm Edit: Alex Morrison Sound Design: Roman Richard Color: Joseph Bicknell, Company 3 Casting/Fixer: Adrian Burrell And to the talent that came out to be a part of this – Dog Trainer: Jas Leverette, Canine Intervention Motorcycles: Nick Leonetti, Buddy Suttle, Kade Gates Bicycle: Lamar Designer Low Rider: Adrian Burrell, Hongry Fire Scene: Ben Z1no