157. a collection of moments from twenty twenty. . i first heard this strange 10 minute song by Tom Rosenthal pretty early in the pandemic. as our new reality was starting to take hold, i would play it for my fellow lockdown roommates (my kids) to a chorus of groans. “ugh…the counting song?!?!” yes, it is a 10 minute song that inexplicably counts to the number one hundred and fifty seven. i love it. i find it meditative in its simplicity and surprisingly beautiful. like life, it is slightly laborious in parts and transcendent in others. . i think (maybe) my kids grew to like it…and in the sea of uncertain days that flowed by…they grew in many, many other ways. riding bikes, crawling, grabbing golden rings, taking first steps, etc. etc. the true gift on the flip-side of the covid-curse was that i was home and present for so many of these magically mundane moments. ⚡️ . it’s been a full year since everybody’s world was turned upside down. 365! it was a year of anxiety, deep division, and unfathomable loss…but along the way we snatched plenty moments of beauty and light from the darkness. #blessed​. this video consists of mostly cell phone moments. intimate and unpolished…with a few surprises along the way. here’s hoping for health and safety for all as the next 157 days tick by on our way to the other side ❤️ . huge love and gratitude to my wife @kateriwr for putting up with my tendency to film *everything* and thanks to Tom Rosenthal for giving us his blessing to use his strange yet achingly beautiful song. also, extra special thanks to Jordan Ingram for bravely taking on this challenge of painting-by-numbers with my camera roll. � . edit – Jordan Ingram sound – Jared Blizzard music – 157 by Tom Rosenthal