world premiere Sundance Film Festival 2019 (winner of 7 festivals, and official selection of 62 festivals) click here for IMDB listing: Written and Directed by Geoff Marslett Animated Short BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Loneliness is a trucker who calls out on his CB radio waiting for a reply that never comes; A ghost that haunts the deserted highways; and a whale that sings at a frequency no other whale can even hear. Credits: written and directed by Geoff Marslett produced by Geoff Marslett executive producer Warren Etheredge Aron Campisano sound design and mixing by Beth and Robert Kellough animation by Kylie Caraway Dylan Carter Shunsaku Hayashi Nic Koller Geoff Marslett Connor Murphy Evan Josephine Meyer Jason Thomas starring Tom Skerritt as the Phantom disembodied trucker voices: Talia Arvizo Trieste Kelly Dunn Paul Gordon Howe Gelb Jon Dee Graham James Kochalka Matthew Lillard Geoff Marslett Gianni Matragrano Frank Mosley Xuan Nguyen Chip Persons Noel Wells music by Joe West editing by Geoff Marslett compositing by Geoff Marslett  reference cinematography by Amy Bench Geoff Marslett animation photography by Geoff Marslett sound recording by Clatter & Din, INC. animation reference actors Antonio Jeffries Geoff Marslett Johnny Morris special thanks Aron Campisano FatFace Cindy and Charles Marslett Lauren Modery Carlos Martinez University of Texas Radio Televison Film University of Colorado Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Previous Screenings and Awards: 1. Sundance Film Festival 2. Ashland FilmFestival 3. Dallas International Film Festival 4. Palm Springs Short Festival 5. IndyShorts (part of Heartland Film Festival) 6. Sidewalk 7. Hollyshorts 8. Athens International Film and Video Festival 9. RiverRun 10. Seattle International Film Festival 11. Maryland Film Festival 12. Edmonton International Film Festival 13. SCAD (Savannah International Film Festival) 14. Chicago Critics’ Film Festival 15. Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival 16. Under The Radar (Vienna) 17. Nashville Film Festival 18. Animix 2019 (Tel Aviv) 19. Calgary International Film Festival 20. Nevada City Film Festival (WINNER) 21. Guanajuato International Film Festival 22. Animatou (Geneva) 23. Anchorage International Film Festial (WINNER) 24. DeadCenter 25. Hell’s Half Mile 26. Tallgrass Film Festival 27. Bendfilm (WINNER) 28. St. Louis Film Festival 29. Arctic Film Festival 30. Adirondack International Film Festival 31. Bucheon International Animation Festival 32. International Short Film Festival in Drama 33. Anima’est (Romania) 34. Local Sightings Film Festival 35. Denver Film Festival 36. Port Townsend Film Festival 37. The Madrid Film Festival (WINNER) 38. Monmouth Film Festival (WINNER) 39. San Diego Underground Film Festival 40. Woods Hole Film Festival 41. Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival 42. Walla Walla Screen Crush 43. Asiana International Film Festival 44. Flickerfest (Australia) 45. Key West Film Festival (TOM SKERRITT WINNER) 46. Gig Harbor Film Festival 47. DC Shorts Film Festival 48. Cucalorus 49. Rooftop Films/Animation Block Party 50. Victory International Film Festival 51. Silver Eye Center for Photography 52. Pittsburgh Shorts &Script Competition 53. Flixx (California) 54. Arizona Underground Film Fest (WINNER) 55. Orcas Island Film Festival 56. IndieMemphis 57. International Film Series Boulder 58. Black Maria 59. Guanajuato traveling best of Film Festival 60. SEE 18 Film Screening Room at Minneapolis Airport 61. Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (WINNER) 62. PIoneertown Western Festival