Words from Robin Nazari: 10th of April 2004 I lost my father and together with that came much more than a loss. It’s been years of holding in emotions that for me came out in the easiest way, aggression. I’m from an environment where vulnerability is a weakness and silence is strength. In my older years where 2004 was a lifetime away I chose to forget, because what was strength again? But how do you forget your father? Now 17 years later I’ve learned to talk about it. The first thing I did was to share my experiences with my family, and now I want to share it with you.❤️ This is my shortfilm “Jag har Fattat” basically meaning: I’ve understood. It’s the last release before my debut album coming this may. The film was born thanks to Maceo Frost, who also is the producer for the song. Thanks Maceo for helping me tell my story. Credits Directed by Maceo Frost Director of Photography – Lionel Cabrera VHS Footage – Karim Nazari Producer – Moa Looft Executive Producer – Erik Torell Colorist – Nicke Cantarelli First AC – Joakim Wijk Sound – Anton Ahlberg @Redpipe studios Sound recording – Jorge Olivares Gaffer – Kim Asklund DiT – Tiyane Iskala Coordinator – Enzo Paredes Editing – Maceo Frost Special Thanks to HOSS AGENCY for PR. Starring. Robin Nazari, Sara Nazari, Mehri Sharifi Kris Adamah, Athir Albadri, Sebastian Candia. Song Credits Song composed and recorded by Maceo Frost Vocals spoken and recorded by Robin Nazari