WINNER FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO — ROME INDEPENDANT PRISMA AWARDS (Italia) WINNER FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO — URUVATTI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (India) WINNER FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO — EMERALD PEACOCK (Australia) WINNER FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO — TAGORE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (India) HONORABLE MENTION — INTERNATIONAL SHORT&SYMBOLIC ART FILM FESTIVAL (Russia) OFFICIAL SELECTION — BEYOND THE SHORT OFFICIAL SELECTION — THE PAUS PREMIERES FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION — DIRECTORS LIBRARY “I wanted to deal with the theme of dementia in a frontal and poetic way that brought me as close as possible to the documentary style. The music sung in Arabic is a real poem and sounds like a tribute. The staging and direction of the photography are minimalist to leave plenty of room for the actors and thus accentuate the realism sought to make credible the story of this woman who sacrifices her life for love to take care of her husband.” Jean–Vital Joliat, director Fatima takes care of her husband Zakaria, who has dementia. One evening, a moment of lucidity crosses Zakaria’s mind. With Natalie Tannous & Belkacem Lahbairi Written and directed by Jean–Vital Joliat Music De.Ville Produced by Telescope Films Producer – Samuel Caron Production coordinator – Marjorie Gauvin Location scout – Antoine Rivard–Nolin Cinematographer – Alexandre Nour 1st camera assistant – Hubert Auger Key grip – Evangelos Desborough Production designer – Geneviève Boiteau Make up artist – Arianne Tremblay Editor – Jean–Vital Joliat Color – Martin Gaumont | Outpost Sound designer – Nicolas Gigou Thanks to Cineground – Sla location – Jasmine & Michel To Latifa – Raymond – Christiane & Roger