When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time but they change around us constantly. Singapore has gone through an incredible change over the past 8 years, and I have tried to capture as much of this change as possible. This film took 988 shoot days and over 3300 matched shots. Lion City Rising – A film project by Director Keith Loutit & Composer Michael Adler Miltersen, 2012-2020. Photographer & Director, Keith Loutit https://bit.ly/3cWVPA6 https://bit.ly/3iAkcoh https://bit.ly/2Gzv7kX Composer, Michael Adler Miltersen https://bit.ly/3lcxauf https://bit.ly/30wAUz1 https://bit.ly/3d0ps3K https://bit.ly/3jyr7zL Michael’s Music here: https://bit.ly/2Srg7s1 2020 has been a tough year, but hopefully this film will help you to reflect on all that you have achieved, and know that this difficult time will pass. Our thoughts go out to Singapore’s foreign workers and healthcare professionals who have endured so much, and thank you to everyone working so hard to keep our families safe. This film project took a lot of work, and here are some stats for the 3 Lion City films we have produced: Permanent timelapse cameras: 0 Long-term shots used: 75 Shoot Days: 988 Matched Shots: 3300+ Flights of stairs climbed & filmed: 1385 (…8 Burj Khalifas!) Music Demos & Tracks in the Lion City Rising Mix: 70 & 138. Footage speed range: cars at night play at 5x real time. The fastest wideshots play at 30 mMillion x real time. Visits by Michael to Singapore: 15. Most site visits for a single shot: 84 – Pearls Bank Demolition from 335 Smith St. Most difficult shot: Outram Night to Day fly-by – 40m drift. 2 years. 870 aligned shots. Get the music here: https://bit.ly/2Srg7s1 © 2020 Keith Loutit