What you see here is about 6 months of effort boiled down to 3 minutes. 2020 was a tough year for creatives like myself. Commissioned work in the arts took a severe hit. But I made the best of it. All of the time off gave me ample time to chase. So, I chased!!! I chased so much that I needed to buy a new engine for my truck. I chased so much that it took me 2 months to edit all of the raw footage. We captured over 400 shots in the Summer of 2020. 101 shots made this video. I hope you enjoy. Stats: Miles traveled – 38K, Terabytes of footage – 12, Days on the road – 64, Blown engines – 1, Days editing – 60 (ish), Speeding tickets – 1 (Bought a radar detector this year), States visited – 12, Viruses contracted – 0 (I think)