What DO you do when life gives you lemons? We have been inside our apartment for a very long time and this video commemorates the dreamworld we inhabit every day. What a time to be barely alive! — FYI: we are not in anyway affiliated with Old Grand or Beam Suntory. Saw the bottle you see here in Alabama in 2014 and it has never left my mind. (But if you ask me, “A Pleasant Orange Hue” has a lot of potential as a slogan). — THOROUGHBREAD.CA 2021: Directed by: Fraser Munden Concept: Fraser Munden + Catherine Dubeau 2D Animator: Catherine Dubeau Sound Design: Michael Pinsonneault Voice Actor: Piotr Michael 3D Animator: Jacob McConnell ‘Tom Hurtins’ Landscape: Pascal Xavier Poirier Mixing Engineer: Rob Heaney Special Foley: Lauma Cenne Script: Fraser Munden Feline: Bishop Motion + Edit: Fraser Munden Special thanks to Clarke Café. May we one day work in your fine establishment again. — E-mail: fraser@thoroughbread.ca Instagram: @frasermunden