Welcome to The New Normal, a journey through America’s complex history with cannabis. Directed by Spike Jonze. Learn more about George Washington’s hemp production. Explore the policies of Stop and Frisk and mandatory minimums. Learn more about “Reefer Madness” and other government sanctioned propaganda. Find out about more about the treatment of military veterans. Learn more about the cost of prohibition and the black market. Discover cannabis’ role in the counter cultural movements of the 60’s and 70’s. Director – Spike Jonze Featuring – Jesse Williams Written by – Spike Jonze, Jesse Williams, Tommy Means Cinematography – Bradford Young Production Design – James Chinlund Music Composition – Frank Dukes Music Editor – Ren Klyce Wardrobe – Jennifer Johnson Creative Director – Tommy Means for Mekanism Executive Producers – Co-Founder and President Andrew Modlin, Co-Founder and CEO Adam Bierman, Chief Marketing Officer David Dancer for MedMen Producers – Amanda Adelson, Laura Klein, Emily Skinner, Eriks Krumins for MJZ; Annie Uzdavinis for Mekanism. Editor – Joe Guest for Final Cut Assistant Editor – Dillon Stoneburner VFX Supervisor – Alexander Thomas for FrameStore Colorist – Beau Leon Sound Engineer – John Bolen for Formosa