We love Malmö. In fact anyone involved in skateboarding loves Malmö. None more so than local ripper Karl Berglind. Despite spending most of his time abroad since dropping out of school to pursue skateboarding two years ago, Karl still finds time to return to his hometown. Whether it’s partnering with Vans to action community work at Kroksbäck, encouraging local kids to pick up skateboarding, or hanging out with his lifelong friends at Stapelbäddsparken – the park that shaped his style, Karl’s roots remain firmly in the Malmö skate scene. In a rare break from his travels this summer, we spent a weekend with Karl, to gain an insight into the young Swede’s love for his hometown and the terrain that continues to define his skating. — WEEKEND Starring Karl Berglind Filmed & Edited by Robin Pailler Original Score by Michael Mcmenemy Produced by Wasted Talent Supported by Vans Shot entirely on KODAK Motion Picture Film — To watch more of Karl in action be sure to check out the next Vans Park Series stop in Malmo, Sweden over the 7th & 8th September. To find out more info visit http://bit.ly/2Cq7CrV