Video for A Pearl by Mitski from the album Be The Cowboy. Made at Art Camp. Directed by Saad Moosajee and Art Camp Co-Directed by Danae Gosset Designed by Saad Moosajee and Danae Gosset 3D Animation by Saad Moosajee Cel Animation by Danae Gosset Technical Direction by James Bartolozzi Junior Designer Eugene Lee Commissioned by Spotify. This music video was initially created on the computer using several pieces of 3D animation software. After the digital version was finalized, all 1,480 frames of the video were then individually printed using ink jet printers. Once an image was printed, it was then painted, drawn, and illustrated on top of using traditional animation techniques. Lastly, the newly illustrated frames were scanned back into the computer and sequenced into the final film.