Traveling with a baby is an interesting thing. They add all sorts of challenges to any trip you do. Long flights, strollers, nap schedules, and car seats all seem to pile up and complicate what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. Sometimes, you may even find yourself wondering…is all this effort worth it for a baby who won’t even remember the trip? All these experiences and memories will eventually disappear, like a fading dream. So is it worth it? I hope so. I hope these experiences were somehow baked into Ollie’s tiny cells as his body was developing. So as the dream fades away, he is left with some form of inspiration that may re-surface later in life. Maybe it will help him appreciate nature…or make him want to explore beyond the horizon? I have no idea…but I hope so. This video is a result of me grappling with these questions, and trying to document this point in my son’s life. Ollie was 8 months old when we traveled to Hawaii. Exactly 1 year later, we sat him down and “interviewed” him about his trip. By this time, I assume his memories had already faded to a dream like state, so I wrote a script that reflected that. MUSIC. “Oliver’s Travels” Composed by: Jared Blizzard – Beautiful work man! Pumped to have you on the team. “Palemote” by: Slow Meadow (Hammock Music) // THANK YOU so much for giving us permission to use your beautiful song. We really appreciate it. For anyone interested in hearing more, please VISIT: EDIT. Jordan Ingram – THANK YOU so much for your unbelievable patience and understanding as I made a million changes and tweaked this edit over and over again. I really do appreciate it, and had an awesome time collaborating with you on this edit. Nina THANK YOU so much for all your patience and help with this project. You rule.