Tour through a collection of the sculpturally surreal and visually paradoxical – portals of infinite time, limbless girls, and gravity-defying windswept lip-sync. “eerie head-fuckery” – | “dreamy pop wonder” – | “freaky-cool” – | “a tonne of fun” – Music video for WHITE SHADOWS, this marks the first outing for the new collaboration from Craig Nicholls (THE VINES, Nick Littlemore (EMPIRE OF THE SUN, PNAU) and Sam Littlemore (SAM LA MORE). “An ethereal journey through the brain of everyone ever… The video highlights an internal battle, and the end result is a beautiful collection of mystical, sculptural imagery that will awaken those voices in your head that keep telling you that you need a change.” – www.pedestrian.tv | – Directed by MELVIN J. MONTALBAN + DULAN DUCLOS Produced by MORGAN TAYLOR at INIFINITY SQUARED Director of Photography TANIA LAMBERT Production Designer RUBY CHALLENGER Costumes PHOENIX KEATING Hair + Make-up ESSTUDIO GALLERIA Casting SIX WOLVES Visual Effects Supervisor MATT CAMPBELL Additional Visual Effects MATT SCHEMBRI + RESOLUTION DESIGN Colourist MATT FEZZ Motion Control Rig Operator ERAN DOLEV Gaffer MOSES FOTOFILLI Grip DAVID LITCHFIELD Best Boy AARON ASHWOOD Art Dept Assistant TIM NATHAN Production Assistants AMY JARMAN + LEILA MAKTARI FEATURING The Crawler NADIA VITLIN Glitching Dancer DUBS YUNUPINGU Gummo Kid MATTHEW GODE Head + Wind DYLAN DUCLOS Woman + Storm KRISTINA SRZICH Twinz MEG FAIRBAIRN + CAYENNE BARNUM