Told through the medium of stop motion, two characters, cocooned in their love, go on a heart breaking journey of self discovery. The richly textured world, made from soft cloud like fabrics, is a deceptively innocent space for the raw pain of the the lovers as they fight tooth and nail to hold on to what they once had. Their woven faces are kissed, knotted, ripped and torn in equal measure, ever-weathering in the harsh reality of love. It’s a love story, but not like you’ve seen before. Awards Bafta 2017 | Winner Animation Short category Japan Media Arts Festival 2017 | Excellence Award New Orleans Film Festival | Audience Award, Short Animation Category Rhode Island Film Festival | Grand Prize; Best Experimental Film Award Cilect |Joint first prize- Animation Award British Animation Awards 2018 | Outstanding Student Award Production Team Director Anushka Naanayakkara Written By Elena Ruscombe-King & Anushka Naanayakkara Produced By Khaled Gad DOP Yinka Edward & Alvilde Naterstad Editor: Joseph Comar Production Design Solrun Osk Jondottir Composer Victor Hugo Fumagalli Sound Marcin Szumilas Lead Animators Anushka Naanayakkara & Ivan Sarrion Soria VFX Team Teng Ye, Eloise Tomplinson & Gillian Simpson Colourist Vlad Barin Production Coordinator Ines Lourenco