Thomas Ormonde directs ‘3rd Base’, a short film capturing a year in the life of the Adidas Japan Skate Team, seen through the 16mm lens of a ’70s TV show. Presented by Transworld. Featuring: Sota Tomikawa Issei Kumatani Yoshiaki Toeda Kota Ikeda Hiroki Muraoka Shin Sanbongi Laurence Keefe Glen Fox Seimi Miyahara Kento Yoshioka Directed by Thomas Ormonde Cinematography by Spike Morris Production by Ground Work Producer: Thomas Ormonde & Laurence Keefe Editor: Jack Williams Music by Daniel Lovegrove Colourist: Thomas Mangham Post work: Carl Norton Illustrations by Dan Evans Sound Design: Ben Bell Special thanks to Callum Harrison & Louis Bhose Additional Skateboard Filming by Hidenori Tanaka Big thanks to The Mill, Red light studios, and Kodak for the incredible support.